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Diversity Global Education Services Pvt. Ltd. is an organization established for the purpose of assisting students in their further education both inside the country as well as abroad. It has a team of extremely qualified and trained staff in order to provide reliable and timely service to its client. It is supportive, collaborative and original in its approach.


The founders of Diversity Global Education Services have deeply realized in the early millennium that there is now an urgent need to establish an educational consultancy in Nepal which could meet the international standards, so that the Nepalese students could complete the international preparation course. It is the primary objective of Diversity – to establish a truly world class institute that would provide the world class service that has remained conspicuous by their absence till now in Nepal. In its larger perspective, it aims to play its role as a global player. It will facilitate its visitors with all possible informations and providing services to its clients like processing documents, managing bank balance, etc. It will support its clients in all the possible aspects. We are firmly committed to satisfy our clients at our best so that the fact could speak themselves. It feels proud as it has already consolidated its position and fame in the national market within a very short period of time. We are most interested in the areas like test materials preparation and curriculum development in the nearest future.

We highly value the needs and demands of the time of our clients. That’s why we are solely concerned with the benefit of the students and clients. As we are clear in our goal to serve our clients, that’s why we will not leave any stone unturned to meet our goal in helping our clients.

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